7 Steps to Take When You Feel Spiritually Dry

7 Steps to Take When You Feel Spiritually Dry

They called it the “Dust Bowl.” 

It stretched over 100 million acres, and affected tens of thousands of Americans.  The 1930’s brought more than a worldwide depression – it brought multiple waves of crippling drought to the heartland of America’s bread basket.  Without moisture, the dirt simply started to blow away in “black blizzards.”

Do you ever feel that way?  Like you’re so spiritually parched, so dry, you could just blow away in “black blizzard” of your own?  Let’s get honest here.  I have.

Dry seasons happen.  And, although it can feel like it, a dry season doesn’t mean you’re a bad Christian.  Quite the opposite, actually.  It makes you a normal Christian.

When your prayers feel like ping pong balls bouncing off the ceiling of heaven, and your Bible time is as refreshing as a drink of hot desert sand, don’t despair.  You really are normal.

There’s a few things to remember, before we talk about how to get through your own personal “dust bowl.”

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Dry seasons have a purpose.

More than anything else, a drought makes you dig deeper into your relationship with God.  It is often a precursor to big growth.

Also, the desert has a way of pinpointing things we otherwise miss.  Bitterness, hurts, wrong priorities…God can use the loneliness of dry times to surface issues that He wants to free us from.

Dry season have a beginning and an end.

It will not last forever. Promise. Although it might feel as unending as the Sahara, your desert experience is only going to last for a very specific, finite length of time. As we already discussed, God uses these experiences in our lives for a purpose, and when that purpose is accomplished, we will find ourselves on the other side. What seems interminable now will someday be nothing more than a punctuation mark (or maybe a short paragraph) in your story.

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