7 Powerful Ways to Hear From God

7 Powerful Ways to Hear From God

It saddens me when I hear Christians say that God only speaks to preachers or “spiritual” people and not to them. I believe that God speaks to all His children – but are you expecting Him too?

God longs for us to know his will and his words to us. Though a Christian might walk through a season of silence or quietness, they shouldn’t confuse that with God’s absence. And God never leaves us without a way to hear from him.

So how does God speak? Here are 7 ways that I have found…

1. Through His Word

The Word of God is at the top of the list. God’s words are powerful. They can create something out of nothing – take Genesis chapter 1, which describes how God spoke and things were created. The unseen was brought into the seen world.

We have an abundance of written material available to us – the most that there has been in history. From printed books, magazines, blogs and digital books. We are inundated with the written word. With so many words available, it is easy to treat The Word as one of the many options for our soul food. We need to continually remind ourselves that The Word of God (The Bible) is not just a collection of 66 books but an “integrated message system…which is outside our dimensions of space and time.” (Chuck Missler)

Reading, meditating and praying the Word has the power to change our mindsets, emotions and circumstances. It is truly our soul food. If we don’t fill ourselves up with God’s Word/food we will instinctively look for soul food elsewhere. This could be emotional eating, drugs, materialism, worldly “feel good” opinions etc.

Believe that every morning when you open up your Bible App or your physical Bible, the words that you read and digest hold power – they are seed that if planted in a heart that is expecting God to speak and act will produce a powerful effect on your life.