7 Life-Giving Prayers for People Who Feel Forgotten

7 Life-Giving Prayers for People Who Feel Forgotten

Is there a feeling worse than feeling unseen or unknown? You’re trying so hard, putting in so much work, but it feels like no one around you sees you or sees how difficult life is for you right now. You feel defeated and you want to just give up trying. Would anyone notice if all your hard work suddenly went undone? Where are your family and friends, anyhow? You thought they were supposed to be with you in the trenches, but you feel like you’re standing there all alone, just trying not to sink in the mud of resignation.

Believer, we do not have to suffer this way. We know the truth: we are never forgotten, never alone. We have the King of Kings with us this very minute, loving us, watching over us, interceding for us. Are you struggling with feeling forgotten? If so, are you ready to go boldly before the throne of grace? Here are the seven Bible promises that, I believe, will change your life as they have mine.

1. Pray for God to answer you and honor you.

Psalm 91:15 expressly states that God will answer us, deliver us, and honor us when we call upon Him:

“He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him” (NKJV).

Yes, honor belongs to God. Nevertheless, it’s His desire to clothe us with it, just like the father placed his robe upon the prodigal son. It delights our Father’s heart to watch us wear His mantle. So ask Abba Father to honor you, and see what He does!