6 Lies We Believe Every Day (and How to Combat Them with Truth)

6 Lies We Believe Every Day (and How to Combat Them with Truth)

There is one voice I hear more clearly than all the others. While I would love to claim that it is God's voice, that simply is not true. Whether it be in a conversation with another, my inner monologue, or a vocalized soliloquy — it is my own whispers, shouts, and musings that speak most often into my life, and I have learned the brilliant words and ideas that bubble up out of my deepest thoughts are not always to be trusted.

I deceive myself on a daily basis, and I often don’t realize it until I’m left in the consequences of my choices. To combat this tendency, I must identify the lies I am telling myself. If you’re like me, here are 6 lies you might believe without realizing it, and the truth God wants us to know about each. 

1. Being Comfortable Equals Comfort

Work. Managing a household. Life. It can all make a soul weary. Self-care is important, but we often settle for being comfortable, rather than seeking God’s comfort. When we do this, we begin to circumvent the true purpose of rest by settling for being pacified. Life feels heavy, so we escape into the status updates of others, play online matching or popping games, and binge on our latest favorite show instead of spending time with our Savior. Then as we rest our head on our pillow at night the mind awakens and the heart still aches, because "I'll get to it later" never came to be.

The tech boom has brought about a new form of the old truth in Romans 1:25: they exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worship and serve created things rather than the Creator. The Creator is the only one who can actually deliver soul-satisfying comfort. Being comfortable is never as good as the presence of the One who is able to comfort my heart in all seasons of life. True self-care equals resting in His care.

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