5 Truths for the Woman Who Feels Invisible

5 Truths for the Woman Who Feels Invisible

You’ve felt it. That numb, empty cavern of a feeling that no one cares, no one wants you, no one knows you, or no one sees you.

Invisibility is something that all of us can feel deep down to our bones. It doesn’t discriminate and it can find you in the sneakiest of moments and pull you down into its dark abyss. No matter your relationship status, age, or career choice, you may have experienced a day, or even a season, of what only you can describe as feeling invisible.

Knowing you’re not alone in this feeling will hopefully give you some comfort and help turn the ugly, dark cloak of invisibility into a loving, beautiful, fabric of personal validation. So, come along with me as we delve into 5 truths that will put a bright spotlight on your heart and mind and will, hopefully, lead you to the truth of your worth and how precious you are.

1. You are necessary.

Our world of is full of technology, tips, and tricks to get to the final product. Maybe this era of technological advancements are leaving you to feeling less than necessary to the function of your workplace. Or you could be a stay-at-home mother that has jumped into the whirlwind of kids, cleaning, and cooking and you wonder if what you do really makes a difference while others are seemingly being validated with a paycheck. To the working woman, you’re necessary to where God has you placed at this point in time. You’re in your job for a reason and while the next technological advancement may be amazing, that doesn’t take away from the integral impact you have in your company. To the stay-at-home mom, you have one of the most important jobs out there! You are raising up the next generation and while that may involve cleaning up things that are sticky or smelly or being a free taxi service, you are necessary to the lives of the children you are raising and who they come in contact with as adults. May we all acknowledge where God has each of us in this season of life and understand our grand impact (Esther 4:14)!