5 Things I've Learned from becoming a Digital Minimalist

5 Things I've Learned from becoming a Digital Minimalist

I’d given myself a deadline. I wanted to remove all social apps before I left for vacation with my husband. I wanted the kind of vacation I had had as a child: carefree, screen free and without wondering if my holiday photos would be “liked.” I didn’t realize deleting all the social media apps from my phone would make me so anxious. I thought I’d feel relieved. Instead, I found myself joining in a last-minute twitter chat.

My thumbs were still keying tweets with only a few people in front of me at the boarding gate. It was now or never. I closed Twitter. Held my finger on the app icon, it wiggled, and I pressed the “x”. I had deleted Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest the previous night. It was holiday time!

Here are a few things I’ve learned from becoming a digital minimalist:

1. I felt more laid back after deleting all the social apps of my phone.

I locked my phone in the hotel safe for 95% of our vacation. When I took it out, I used it as a camera. I messaged photos to my family and a few close friends. I posted nothing to social media sites. I felt relaxed and present. And I loved it.

Before we left for our vacation, Xylon and I took our dogs for a walk on the beach near our home. We watched a family arrive. The two youngest children ran towards the sea screaming, “We’re at the beach!” It was beautiful. They were so absorbed in the moment. Behind them came two teenage siblings. They stood on the sand dune taking selfies. I’d thought about deleting my social media apps for weeks but watching the kids on the beach convinced me. I didn’t want to live my life constructing beautiful updates but never feel the ocean wash over my toes. 

Image Credit: Unsplash.com