12 Bad Excuses Christians Give for Skipping Church

12 Bad Excuses Christians Give for Skipping Church

With each passing year it seems like life gets busier, making it harder to prioritize priorities. Even church can get crowded out of our schedule. While there are legitimate reasons why we cannot always gather for things like Sunday worship and home groups, we ought to be cautious here. Often times, we forsake gatherings for not-the-best reasons.

Christ loves the church. He bought her with his blood. He is exclusively devoted to her because she is his bride. Do we love what Christ loves? We cannot say that we have a heart of love for Christ while at the same time having a heart of apathy for his bride. If we do not love what Christ loves, then we do not love Christ. He cherishes his church. So must we. Since Christ has loved us as much as he has, is as great as he is, has redeemed us from what he has, and has commanded us what he has, it only makes sense that the Christian would set local church gatherings as an immovable fixture in their weekly schedule. Christ really is that worthy.

In no particular order, here are a few reasons why we often miss church gatherings but probably do not need to.

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1. “There is no command that says I need to go to church every Sunday.”

I have never understood this one. It is either innocently ignorant or intentionally dishonest.

I wonder if we would say the same thing about our jobs. “There are no verses that say I need to show up at 7am, like my boss says, so I’m sleeping in.” And the same goes for verses about the Trinity.

Mark Dever writes,

“Except for the rarest of circumstances, a true Christian builds his life into the lives of other believers through the concrete fellowship of a local church. He knows he has not yet arrived. He’s still fallen and needs the accountability and instruction of that local body of people called the church. And they need him” (What is a Healthy Church?, 28).

Does this mean I must attend every single Bible study, prayer meeting, and event my church has going on? Well, why are we asking? In a spirit of humble teachability so as to allow God to work through my imperfect church to equip me for the work of the ministry (cf. Eph. 4:11-13)? You can participate in as many as you want. A good place to start is asking your church leaders to shepherd you through that decision.

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