10 Ways to Fast (That Actually Work!)

10 Ways to Fast (That Actually Work!)

Three years ago, a friend challenged me to begin fasting and praying one day a month for my adult children.

When she suggested it, I had mixed feelings. I love my children, and I want God’s best for them. I also love food. I have a high metabolism that requires me to eat often. My kids call me “The Toddler” because I eat every few hours to avoid headaches, lightheadedness, and weakness. I keep food stashed in my purse, desk drawer, and car in case I have a sinking spell.

So I thought long and hard when my friend suggested a prayer plan that involved doing without food for extended periods.

As I weighed the benefits against the losses, I realized I want God to release his power in my family’s life way more than I want a comfortable stomach and a headache-free life. For the last three years then, I’ve set aside one day a month to fast and pray for my adult children.

Because people sometimes ask what my fasting day looks like, I decided to crack open the door to my prayer closet and share what works for me. Your prayer strategy might be very different, and that’s okay. The most important thing is not how we pray, but that we pray.

Here are ten steps I use during a day of fasting for my adult children:

1. Fast from dinner to dinner.

I used to fast by skipping breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I almost always failed. Now I fast for 24 hours from after dinner one evening to just before dinnertime the next. It’s still a full day, but I skip two meals instead of three. 

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