10 Things Your Wife Needs You to Understand

10 Things Your Wife Needs You to Understand

When we marry someone, we bring into the marriage a set of needs. Sometimes we have no problem vocalizing what we need. However, in some cases we may not even have the words to articulate what we're missing, we just know there is something we need that we're not getting from our spouse.

With that in mind, here are 10 things that wives need their husband's to understand. These needs are just as real as any physical needs she might have. Without them, your relationship may wilt. 

Through Christ, we can build up and encourage our spouses, all the while pointing them to the One who can fulfill all their needs. 

1. She needs you to be her spiritual leader.

Your wife wants you to understand that although she may be strong, assertive, secure, and spiritually growing, she still needs you to actively lead her to the cross. It’s a no-brainer that men and women process and express themselves differently when it comes to spiritual matters, but your wife needs you to step up to the plate and serve as her spiritual warrior! She needs you to pray over her, for you to be growing in your knowledge of the Word so that you can be a truth-speaker in her life, and she needs you to encourage her to seek after God with all her heart.