10 Things Your Husband Really Doesn't Like

10 Things Your Husband Really Doesn't Like
I hope I don't sound too harsh today; I just know how easy it is to slip into a disrespectful attitude that morphs into ugly treatment of those we love most and I’m challenging all of us today to set aside any of these things that are a common tendency in marriage. Common, but so destructive. And they are so “not” God glorifying!

The reason for this blunt post is that I care for you. My husband and I spent many years in a miserable state. I’m ashamed to tell you that I was guilty of several of the points I listed.

This article originally appeared on KimberlyWagner.org. Used with permission. LeRoy Wagner has served as a pastor and speaker for more than thirty years. Kimberly Wagner is the author of Fierce Women: The Power of a Soft Warrior. Men who Love Fierce Women: the Power of Servant Leadership in Your Marriage is their first book together. To learn more about the Wagner’s, visit www.kimberlywagner.org.

1. He hates when you throw him under the bus in public.

When you point out his faults, criticize or correct him, you make him feel like an idiot in front of others—and that’s demeaning. Don’t embarrass him in any way (especially in front of your children). Would you want him to do that to you?