10 Steps to Help You Overcome Financial Fears

10 Steps to Help You Overcome Financial Fears

Why, Lord?

Our routine used to be simple. My husband, Gene would come home, give me a kiss, head to the kitchen counter, toss his car keys and check the mail.

But that all changed. “Did you hear from the attorney?” I asked as he walked in the house. Often he had bad news. And to make things more painful, the attorney’s fees to defend us added as quickly as our stress and worry.

It took only 7 months to put us in this devastating situation. We had no clue that when Gene accepted the controller position of a small company, that it was going under. Gene tried everything he could to save it. But all in futility. Bankruptcy became the only answer, leaving a huge debt to the IRS.

And that’s when we became aware of the 100% penalty law. It mandates that the company’s officers are personally responsible to pay the debt owed to the IRS. That left Gene with a huge portion that we couldn’t pay in a lifetime.

I spent sleepless nights asking the Lord why? Why us?

“We won’t have too many Christmas gifts this year,” I told our ten-year-old. His two younger brothers also had to understand. I bit my lower lip when I tried to explain. We weren’t poor, we were only victims of an unfair law

“It could be worse,” Gene said one night, “they could take our house too.”

He was right. I wanted to praise God, to thank Him. But tears of fear burned each time Gene was summoned to court. More bad news, more demands to hand over all our savings and the reminder that interest was accumulating.

Lord, is this what it means to feel helpless? That’s what we are. We need you, Lord!

As we took these steps, God’s answer came as trickles of honey into the bitterness of our world.