5 Types of Affairs and How to Protect Your Marriage against Them

5 Types of Affairs and How to Protect Your Marriage against Them

Close calls are virtually all alike. They begin with an attraction to somebody other than your spouse that causes you to think about your time with this individual simply for the pleasure that it provides you. Maybe you’re having regular meetings with someone of the opposite sex for business, shared interests, or volunteer opportunities.

Somewhere in this phase, a mere friendship ceases and a close call starts. Now you’re saving topics of conversation for this person. Your conversations progress from topics related to your mutual interest to far-ranging ones—and soon into personal issues. You scheme and plan on how to be together more often, for more time, without raising anyone’s suspicions.

These types of relationships easily become close calls. As time goes on, there is mutual admiration and a growing number of shared secrets.

At this point, many folks go into denial about how much the relationship is beginning to mean to them and may get to the final phase before recognizing how close he or she really came to having an affair.

Interestingly, there are five types of extramarital affairs. Counselors find that these descriptions help them portray for their clients more clearly how an affair developed and ended.

Knowing the details about these types of affairs will help you see just where there might be risk of falling into an affair. The stories that illustrate each affair will show you how real people can so easily get swept up to the point of being unfaithful. 

CLASS 1: One-Night Stand

This type of affair is usually unplanned. It often involves partners who didn’t even know each other prior to the affair. It is done in utmost secrecy, and it often, though not always, results from alcohol consumption. This type of affair is self-serving and contains no emotional involvement or desire to perpetuate closeness. It has all the components of a “first love” type of sexual experience. Our sexually saturated culture feeds especially into this type of affair, and it is the one-night stand that usually results in immediate and intense remorse. 

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