9 Ways True Joy Will Grow Your Faith

9 Ways True Joy Will Grow Your Faith

In her book, He Restores My Soul, author Jennifer Kennedy Dean focuses a week of devotions on rejoicing. I’ve been going over the truths that I highlighted and writing them. I want them to be as real to me as my first name. I want to daily embrace JOY.

Here are 9 truths about joy we can ask God to sew into the fabric of our souls. The quotes are from He Restores My Soul and the rest is me processing it out loud with you.

1. True Joy is Christ-Centered

“True joy is so Christ-centered that earthly success can neither add to it or diminish it.” My earthly success may ebb and flow. But Jesus cemented my heavenly success. In God’s kingdom, I am clean, and whole. We have access to the Father and His unlimited love, power and resources.

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