10 Things Your Teen Loves to Hear

10 Things Your Teen Loves to Hear

Some parents might grit their teeth and bemoan the drama of the adolescent years, but I can’t think of anything more fun than hanging out with teens. I liken the teen years to a roller coaster. Once you’re on it, there’s no getting off until the ride’s over, so you might as well stay positive and enjoy it. After all, having teens at home probably means you can have kitchen karaoke parties, or someone who pretends your home is an Indian takeout restaurant when he answers the phone.

Of course surging hormones and adolescent angst can sometimes cause your teen to explode. He might know how to push your buttons better than anyone else, but positive communication that affirms your teen can improve your relationship and help lessen conflict.

Here are 10 things our teens love and need to hear from us:

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1. I love you no matter what.

In an effort to encourage our kids to do their best, we can inadvertently communicate that we’d love them more if they got better grades, cleaned their rooms, or worked harder. Our teens need to hear, “I love you. I will love you even if you leave the kitchen a mess, fail your test, wreck the car, or lose your job.”

Our kids face challenges, and they need the security of parents who love them no matter what. So let’s say, “I love you” often.


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